Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Reservoir Simulation Plots Spreadsheet


RSMPlots is a very powerful spreadsheet tool for plotting results from reservoir simulation results files (RSM files). It allows you to quickly scan through many wells, compare many runs and compare results to history, all very quickly.  

This spreadsheet was developed mainly while working at Nexen, and along with the ED4Sim spreadsheet, the company has allowed it to be released publicly. 

Plots simulation results and history from Eclipse RSM files (sheet Chart)      
  • Can save up to 100 plot settings (replacement for GRF files), stores desired vectors and plot colour.
  • Flexible chart formatting for lines, colours, symbols and line thickness.
  • Automatically reads units and value scaling (*10**3 etc) from RSM files.
  • User can select displayed unit system and automatically changes units systems from Field to Metric and vice versa.
  • Can plot all valid RSM result vectors, including well, group, connection and block results.
  • Automatically reads well, group, connection and block lists from RSM file.
  • Plots two RSM files and history, with up to 4 Y axis values.
  • List of RSM files is generated from a specified folder.
  • X axis can be any vector.  Date values are plotted with a correct Date axis, with intervals on Months, Quarters or Year increments.
  • Can quickly scroll through all wells (or groups, connections or blocks), for a given chart.
  • Can quickly scroll through many RSM files for the same chart.
Can plot up to 200 simulation runs and history on single plot (sheet Chart_Multi)
  • Read RSM files fast in about 1-3 seconds.
  • Does not re-read RSM files if data has been stored previously.
  • Can select any result vector.

Extracts any data element from multiple RSM files (sheet Inputs)      
  • Provides table format of results.
  • Useful for reading results from Experimental Design runs.
Creates yearly production summaries (forecasts) using a shifted start date (sheet Yrly_Fcst)      
Creates bar charts of field level quantities.        


Version 5.1 is the latest version for Office 2010.  This version allows the RSM files fom Eclipse to have more than 65000 lines, which was a limitation in Excel 2003 and earlier.   Also, it fixes a bug that will not allow v4.9 to run in Office 2010.

Version 4.9 of RSMPlots is the last version that will work with Excel 2003 and earlier.  It will not work in Office 2010, as Microsoft removed some capability from Visual Basic in the current version of Excel.


The Chart sheet interface.  Different RSM files, plot contents, wells, groups can all be changed without leaving this sheet.  

Typical field level plot

Water Injection and Production

Well Production, water cut and GOR

Field production from 3 RSM files (can plot up to 200)

Tabular Results format from multiple RSM files