Wednesday, 8 March 2017

X-Y Plots (4Y) Spreadsheet - Another Easy Way To Explore Your Data

This Spreadsheet...
  • This spreadsheet is similar to the X-Y Plots spreadsheet but with a few differences:
    • You can plot up to 4 Y variables on the same chart.
    • Each category is a separate plot. 
    • You can easily switch between plots (different category).
Download a copy of version 1.0 here.

The data is input the same as the X-Y Plot spreadsheet.

Enter your data on the sheet named Data. Place the name of the variables in the yellow cells and the data beginning on row 11.

After you paste in new data, press the New Data? button on the Chart sheet. This sets up some formulas.

Decide if you want to categorize your plot. Select a variable from the drop down list. This variable must be a text string. Each category is shown as a separate plot. 

Also select the current Category - the one shown in the current plot.

Use the drop down list and select the X and Y variables. There can be up to 4 Y variables plotted simultaneously. Choose colour of the plot and the multiplier. If values on a common axis have different magnitude use the multiplier to display these better

You may also select the line style and symbol size.

Select if you want to filter the data. If you deleted the Name fields, then no filtering will occur.

Click the Update Chart button to refresh the chart. This macro is necessary to sort the data so the series are correct to show the categories of data. 

Press the arrows next to the "Category" button to switch the plot to the next (or previous) category.

Special Features

Scale Override. Set the values here to change the scaling to manual.  Delete the values to return to Excel automatic scaling.

Sync L/R Scale. Set the left and right Y axes to the same scale.

Date Axis. Set this to Yes if the X axis is a date value and you want the scale set more logically for a date.

More detailed instructions are contained on the Instructions sheet within the spreadsheet. 

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