Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Histograms Etc - Easy Histograms, Probability Plots and Statistics

This Spreadsheet...
  • This spreadsheet allows you to quickly create professional looking histograms, probability plots and statistics of data.
  • Plots histograms and cumulative probability plots for up to 10 distributions of data.  
  • Calculates statistics for each data set.
  • Calculates best fit normal and lognormal distribution.  

Download a copy of version 1.0 here.

This spreadsheet makes the task of creating histograms and probability plots easy. It creates bar chart histograms as well as XY plot histograms, which allows easy comparison of multiple histograms. It also creates cumulative probability plots, normal cumulative probability plots and log-normal cumulative probability plots. It provides an easy way to compare distributions and lists the stats of up to 10 input distributions.

You simply enter the data values, change a few settings and the charts are created.

Enter your data for the distributions on the sheet named Data beginning in row 11. Enter other optional settings for the distribution, set a title and name each of them.

After you paste in new data or change settings, press the "Update Charts Axis Scale" button to set the charts axes correctly. 

Use the drop down list and select the single plot value and other settings.

The Calc sheet shows some charts for the selected distribution.

The Hist, HistXY, CP, NCP and LNCP sheets show charts for the selected distribution. NCP (normal cumulative probability) chart shown below.

The Multi sheets show the same plots, but for all the distributions entered. Multi_NCP (normal cumulative probability) chart shown below.

More detailed instructions are contained on the Instructions sheet within the spreadsheet. 

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